The city of Antwerp, Belgium may be primarily known for it’s harbour, cathedral and diamond trade, but anyone who scratches beneath the surface can find a thriving and vibrant underground scene. Especially in the last few years the great output of hardcore and garage punk bands makes one suspect that, besides massive PFOS pollution and record breaking cocaine residue levels, there must be something in the water. Mitraille burst unto this scene in 2018 with a sound that takes the bursting-at-the-seams energy of modern day basement hardcore and injects it into a strain of diseased garage- and post punk. Think Sleaford Mods if they released 7 inches on Total Punk, Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse if it was recorded at 4 AM in a beer-drenched living room or Uranium Club if they were Motörhead roadies with anger management issues. Mitraille have since released three EP’s before recruiting Rafael Valles Hilario (Tuff Guac, Brorlab, MOAR) behind the drums and recording their debut full-length ‘Mitraille’. The album was released May 25th on Ronny Rex and Belly Button Records and followed up by a nine day tour of Germany and Switzerland, and spots on the mainstage of the legendary Sjock Festival and the Street Stage of Rock Herk. As ever, Mitraille are ready to blast their way through as many European stages as possible. So crank that album, get one of those three idiots on the phone and get ready for a wild fucking ride.

On tour

FR 27.10 Offers Welcome
Sa 28.10 Offers Welcome
Mon 30.10 Offers Welcome
Tue 31.10 MANNHEIM – JUZ
Thu 02.11 BERLIN – TBA
Sat 04.11 BREMEN -tba
Sun 05.11 Offers Welcome