3. Dezember 2023
Rotten Mind, Hafenklang, 19:00

Rotten Mind

Prolific is a bit of an understatement when describing the output of Sweden’s Rotten Mind, Unflavoured being their fifth album in just seven years and their follow up to 2020’s Rat City Dog Boy. Amongst all that was going on in the world 2021 also saw singer Jakob Arvidsson, under the pseudonym Jakob Mind, release a solo album that was to become a favourite here at The Punk Site. Unflavored is unmistakeably Rotten Mind, exploding as it does with punchy, punk rock guitars, pounding drums and pulsing bass riffs all overlaid with Arvidsson’s immediately recognisable vocals. And whilst you’ll hear snippets and influences from a lot of sources – The Cure, Killing Joke, Joy Division and plenty of other bands from the darker end of the spectrum – Rotten Mind are unique in their sound. (www.thepunksite.com/reviews)


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